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Not every project comes complete needing full brand identity. A lot of the time additional touch points are all that's necessary. This is a collection of various websites produced for those very types of clients, some while freelancing, some during contract positions.


Web+UI Designer

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Various / 2007–2016

Chive Charities - 2014

The founders of the Chive saw an opportunity to leverage the generosity and compassion of their nearly 2 million monthly subscribers by starting a charity dedicated to helping rare medical diagnoses, first responders & veterans, and special education initiatives. The result was a web application that promoted latest charitable stories and allowed their user base to sign up/in to donate.

chive charities home page

Chive Fund Checkout

We iteratively built in features to the application, first wireframing the new feature then executing with the interface.

Chive Feature Story

Users could apply to the Chive to have their story featured for charitable donation. We gave each story an active state vs. a closed state for donations.

Account Access

A small, but super useful feature was allowing users to update their account information and their level of contribution. We made the badge larger and stand out so that it would get attention and lead to conversions of more subscribing donators.

Visionary Arts and Media - 2015

Totem App - 2013

totem app homepage screen

ARO Incorporated - 2012

Funded by Paul Allen of Microsoft, ARO developed Android and iPhone apps that help people manage their digital life and personal data. The site included a horizontal scroll from page to page, hand illustrated Seattle, and a look into an alternate reality Seattle when the visitor explored the page.

ARO corporation home page ARO corporation home page alternate universe ARO corporation team page

GoldenOrb - 2012

golden orb website homepage

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