Imagine your band needs a place to practice or record. Or you want to start giving dance lessons but don't have the proper space. Looking to do big scale photography or artistic work? Stoodio is a startup concept geared toward making any music, dance, art and photography studio available for rent within a moments notice.


UI+UX / Web Design / Branding / Co-founder

Created For

Tobin Watkinson / 2011

Preliminary Research and Requirement Gathering

From a few conversations with people in LA, that my partner knew from the recording and location scouting industries, I was able to gather qualitative research and identify pain points and potential features from a small user group. I developed personas examining goals, frustrations, and potential scenarios of the users.

As I conducted a competitive analysis at the time there wasn't a lot of competition in this space. Businesses existed around finding locations to film movies and commercials, but nothing with personally owned creative spaces. The Airbnb process was just becoming understood by people. Hotel booking was a big focal point in gathering insights. From this I created artifacts indicating my findings.

User Flow

I laid out a general flow a typical customer might go through from signing up to completing a rental of a space. As this is the core conversion of the business it was the most crucial flow to tackle. Others flow considered included other key actions of the app like sign up, adding payment methods, messaging with host, etc.


Once having an understanding of user motives and mindset I move to sketching to get out as many ideas and screen possibilities as I can. I find this process to be very much like logo design, iterating quickly on the ideas that work. The messier the better.


Taking my screens and quickly laying them into Marvel App I could test how smoothly the user could arrive at the start of the checkout.

Wireframe Clickthrough Prototype

Transferring my screens into Marvel App I could test with users how smoothly they could arrive at the start of the checkout.

Brand Identity

Drawing off the inspiration of unending geometric shapes that studio spaces innately possess, I saw an opportunity to combine that inspiration with the company's first initial an "S". A happy accident was that the mark became a sort of ambigram, legible from any direction.

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