Resignation Brewery


The creators of the Chive, with the help of Red Hook Brewing Co., created a temporary line of beers for their Resignation Media brand. They came to HighBridge for help developing a visual brand identity and marketing website to promote the KCCO beer line. The requirements were to tell people what the beer was about, what types they made, where they could find it, and show off to your friends you're drinking it.


Art Direction / Web Design / Brand Development

Created For

HighBridge Creative / 2013

We quickly determined the whole site would be done in large background videos. We wanted to make the product preview feel like you were getting poured a beer after a hard day at work, which appealed to the Chive's main audience base. We put together a general shot outline and concepts, correlating with how the site would use these videos to flow section to section. The client used their video production resources to capture the necessary bar scenes. It was a solid collaborative effort that led to an engaging marketing tool for the brand.

Additional Packaging & Collateral

A sampling of other brand assets and products contributed, in conjunction with the web experience.

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