Regis University App


A UI and UX design exploration and side project for a university based app. It would expand on the released 2.0 version, adding a more robust experience vital to engaging students and other members of the Regis community.


UX/UI design

Employed at

Regis University / 2017

Beginnings of an App

Through competitive analysis I noted that many universities had latched on to the idea they needed a natively built app. Unfortunately many of those turned to out-of-the-box, generic platforms that all started to feel alike. The Regis ITS department had started the original construction of an app, built on Ionic. The primary function allowed registration for classes, however the design lacked engaging features that made students, faculty and staff want to remain connected. My aim was to discover those particular user flows.


Because this was a side project I had to work on this in moments I could spare from my normal duties. I quickly generated wireframes basing a lot of the design on best practices and assumptions. I learned quite a bit about what the users would need based on insights from staff members who work closely with the students regularly.

Home Page News Feed

The default screen lists available and relevant information in a news feed, pertaining to the activities and happenings around campus. Click into an article to read more and share to social media that could generate more exposure for university.

Profile Barcode

While in the profile the students could swipe at the top to use a barcode associated with their student ID. This code could be easily scannable at campus cafés, bookstore, library, athletic events and more and give the marketing team more of a sense of the behavior of the student and how to market more appropriately to them.

Find A Service Opportunity

A big characteristic of a Regis student is their desire for social justice and doing good things for all people. I wanted to make it easy for students and the Regis community to get connected with like-minded groups out doing great things.

Class Registration

Students both online and on-campus can access their schedule, see what they've already taken toward their degree, and register for their next courses easily.

Final Thoughts

If the project moved forward it would have been ideal to find a sampling of students to test the high fidelity prototype with. User tests could have indicated a couple of things to me. It would let me know if I simplified the current complexity of registering for classes enough, which would be a priority. I could have the users provide suggestions about what they'd prefer to see on a home screen using A/B testing of a few possible options.

Additional features could have included:

  1. Utilize scanned bar code data to acquire knowledge of users favorite campus activities and purchases to better market future events and product deals via push notification
  2. Offer easy access to career finding
  3. Allow students in the same classes to message one another for help

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