Multi-disciplinary Interaction Designer + Art Director

with abilities in UI/UX/Product Design, Interaction Design, Branding, Print Design and Front End Development

based in Denver, CO

Haulpr App Concept

A hauling helper on demand.

Regis University Website

A refreshed responsive design for Colorado's Jesuit University

Stoodio App Concept

Rent creative spaces in
Los Angeles, CA

Regis University Campus App

An app concept for the students and visitors of Regis University

Resignation Brewery

Beer concept created by the Chive and Resignation Media

Regis University

Work executed while employed with the university

Website Design Collection

A sampling of websites designed from past experiences

Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas

Branding for a non-profit in Austin, TX

Jones-Dilworth Inc.

Branding for Public Relations firm in Austin, TX

Texas School for the Deaf Exhibit

Exhibition design celebrating the oldest school in Texas' 150th Anniversary

Logo Collection

A sampling of logos designed from past experiences

Print Collection

A sampling of print materials designed from past experiences


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