Various Web Work

Not every project comes complete needing full brand identity. A lot of the time people just need additional touch points for their brand. This is a collection of various websites produced for those very types of clients, some while freelancing, some during contract positions.


Web+UI Designer

Completed for

Various / 2007–2016

Visionary Arts and Media - 2015

vam website on desktop and laptop

Chive Charities - 2014

The founders of the Chive saw an opportunity to leverage the generosity and compassion of their nearly 2 million monthly subscribers by starting a charity dedicated to helping rare medical diagnoses, first responders & veterans, and special education initiatives.

chive charities home page chive charities admin panel chive charities admin panel

Totem App - 2013

totem app homepage screen

ARO Incorporated - 2012

Funded by Paul Allen of Microsoft, ARO developed Android and iPhone apps that help people manage their digital life and personal data. The site included a horizontal scroll from page to page, hand illustrated Seattle, and a look into an alternate reality Seattle when the visitor explored the page.

ARO corporation home page ARO corporation home page alternate universe ARO corporation team page

GoldenOrb - 2012

golden orb website homepage