Jones-Dilworth Inc.

JDI is a boutique Public Relations firm in Austin, TX that specializes in bringing early stage startups to market.


Logo Design / Identity

Completed for

JDI / 2012

Logo Exploration

The collective came to me seeking a new logo for their shop, unsure of how similar to their current intentionally pixelated one, they wanted to go. They really allowed me to go for it and explore what might be the right fit for them, and were open to hearing all my ideas. Even the quirkiest of them. Working closely with their team we arrived at a solution that spoke to two main traits of their company. First, do more with less, efficiently. Be like a "swiss army" knife——precise, sharp and able to handle multiple tasks at a time. Second, be like a shadow for the client. Always there, but never in the way. I was able to translate these traits into the sharp edged, stencil look that uses as little shapes to make the shadow of the letter forms and remain legible.